Harry Potter Tag (Happy Birthday Harry!)

As today is Harry Potter’s Birthday, what could be better to wish him a wonderful birthday, than my thoughts on the books, films, characters, and basically the whole of the Wizarding World?! Just wanna say thank you to Life of a Literary Nerd for her post that was super interesting, feel free to check it out!!

Favourite Book?

Prisoner of Azkaban – Film was very confusing and hard to follow the first few times I watched it, but reading the book made everything a lot clearer, and it’s where we’re first introduced to Sirius!

Least Favourite Book?

Can you even have one?! I’d have to say Philosopher’s Stone – I know it’s where we meet everyone for the first time, but where the story really develops in the later books it just doesn’t really stand out!

Favourite Film?

Deathly Hallows Part 2 or Goblet of Fire, I can’t decide! I love DH Part 2 because the Battle of Hogwarts is so epic, and watching Harry and everyone come together to defeat the last few horcruxes and finally get rid of Voldemort just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I also love Goblet of Fire because most of the film is happy go lucky with all the different challenges, but when you find out who Mad Eye Moody is, and watching Voldemort come back in his full form, that’s when the battle between Harry and Voldemort really begins, like shit really gets real at this point.

Least Favourite Film?

I have to say Order of the Phoenix, I just feel like when I think of the storylines, this one doesn’t stand out to me, most of the film is build up to the battle at the ministry at the end, and this is the film where Sirius dies, so like I can’t really face that heartbreak again and again. Oh and it features the bitch that is Umbridge, and we all know that she may even be worse than Voldemort himself.

Favourite Quote?

“The ones who love us never really leave us, you can always find them in here.”

Favourite Weasley?

Fred & George of course (I know that’s two, but they basically come as one package)

Favourite Female Character?

McGonagall – She is such a badass, that moment in the Battle of Hogwarts where she charms the soldiers using the spell Piertotum Locomotor says “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!” And the way she duels Snape into fleeing from the castle, she is just the badass witch I aspire to be! Oh and Maggie Smith filmed the final film whilst recovering from cancer, so like yeah

Favourite Villain?

Draco Malfoy – This was a hard character to choose because I dislike all the villains, but I feel like Malfoy was just a misunderstood boy who was forced into many of his later endeavours, and other than bullying Harry and the other gryffindors, he never rose to serious villain levels, as he couldn’t even go through with killing Dumbledore in the end.

Favourite Male Character?

Dobby OF COURSE! – He was a little annoying to begin with in the Chamber of Secrets, but you learn that everything he does is to protect Harry, and even went against his Master (Lucius Malfoy) even when he knew the consequences of his actions! It’s safe to say i bawled like a baby when that dagger slipped through the apparition and Dobby dies in Harry’s arms, he was a true friend, and such a kind soul.  

Favourite Professor?

Hagrid (I know he wasn’t a professor the whole duration of the books) but I would just love to teach Care of Magical Creatures, and he literally gave no fucks about throwing Harry on Buckbeak’s back and letting him fly around the school grounds, and I honestly feel like that would be me as a Professor too!

Wash Snape’s Hair or Spend the Day Listening to Lockhart Rant About Himself?

Probably wash Snape’s hair, get it over and done with, I don’t think I could waste a day of my life listening to Lockhart tell me all the stories of other witches and wizards that he had stolen. I don’t have time for plagiarism!

Duel and Elated Bellatrix, or an Angry Molly?

Definitely have to be an Angry Molly, not only is Bellatrix too annoying, but I just want Molly to call me a Bitch tbh

Travel to Hogwarts via Hogwarts Express or Flying Car?

Definitely have to be the Hogwarts Express, as long as we don’t get harrassed by Dementors!

Kiss Voldemort or Give Umbridge a Bubble Bath?

Kiss Voldemort, I’ve already kissed a few Voldemorts in my life, what’s one more? You’ve got to kiss a few Voldemorts to find your Neville Longbottom…am I right girls?

Ride a Hippogriff or Ride a Firebolt?

Definitely a Hippogriff, one because I just love animals, and two I think I would just feel a little safer

Is there a character you felt differently about in the films versus the books?

Hermione was definitely a bit more annoying in the books than in the films I have to say

Is there a movie you prefer over it’s book?

No, the books are hands down better than the movies, all of them.

Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

I definitely think that Richard Harris as Dumbledore would have been amazing if he’d had more time to grow the character, but Michael Gambon will always be my favourite.

Your Top Thing (Person or Event) Which Wasn’t Included in the Movie That Annoyed You The Most?

I was very upset that they never included Peeves, he was such a comical character in the books, and I think he would have been great in the movies too!

If You Could Remake any of the Potter Movies, Which Would it Be?

Order of the Phoenix, just because I felt like there wasn’t that much going on, and they also missed out some essential points from the books. Like Sirius telling Harry his family background in a lot more detail in the book than the film, and the fact that in the books Neville’s parents aren’t dead, but permanently in St. Mungo’s Hospital after suffering the Cruciatus Curse.

Which House Was Your First Gut Feeling You’d Be a Part Of?

Gryffindor of course! If anyone answers any other house then they are clearly lying!

Which House Were You Actually Sorted Into on Pottermore?

93% Ravenclaw

89% Gryffindor

72% Hufflepuff

53% Slytherin

Basically an all-round perfect candidate for Hogwarts, shame I’m still waiting on that letter…

 Which Class Would be Your Favourite?

I’m torn between Care of Magical Creatures, because of my love of animals (although I would stay very clear of any Acromantula) or Transfiguration, I think it would be cool to be able to turn myself into my inner spirit animal, a dog!

Which Spell Do You Think Would be Most Useful to Learn?

Reparo, I’m so clumsy and I’m always breaking things so it would be nice to have a quick fix for things!

Which Character Do You Think You Would Instantly Become Best Friends With?

Hagrid, he’s just so lovely, such a friendly character, and we’d bond over our love of magical creatures.

If You Could Own One of the Three Hallows, Which Would It Be?

The Cloak of Invisibility, it would definitely be fun to play around with, imagine the pranks you could pull with it!

Is There Any Aspect of the Books You Would Want to Change?

Not killing off Dobby, Fred, and Dumbledore. I know these are key deaths to the storyline, but my heart just couldn’t take it all!!

Favourite Marauder?

I think Lupin is such a great character, even though he’s going through his own struggles, what with being a Werewolf, he still stays true to his friendship with James and makes sure to look after Harry.

If You Could Bring One Character Back to Life, Which Would it Be?

Sirius Black, I think it would have been amazing to see his and Harry’s relationship grow further.

Hallows or Horcruxes?

Hallows for sure.


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