Full Face of Cruelty Free Makeup

Welcome back everyone! If you’ve read my first ever blog post (wishful thinking I know) then you’ll know that I mentioned I wanted to make a conscious effort to try Veganism, and whilst I have cut down on my meat and dairy consumption, I have not made a full transition into Veganism yet. However, I was doing my everyday makeup routine the other day, and decided to google the products used to see if they were cruelty-free. Luckily, for me, all of my products, bar one, were cruelty-free and I just switched out my normal mascara, the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara for the Primark Eyeconic mascara instead, making the look I am going to show you below completely cruelty-free!

I’ve linked all the products mentioned below, so without further ado, here are the steps to my Cruelty-Free Makeup Look!

First, I took my new The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer (£5.50) and applied this all over my face. Now, this product is not for those people who hate silicone based primers, because that is exactly what this primer is. However, it has made the world of difference to how long my makeup lasts throughout the day, and how evenly my foundation blends out. Therefore, if you do not mind silicone based primers, then at this price, you can’t really go wrong with this product.ord008_theordinary_highspreadabilityfluidprimer_1560x1960-bd0gw

Next, using my beauty blender, I applied The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (£5.90) in the shade 1.1N. I discovered this foundation after seeing a few Youtubers talk about how cheap it was, and I wanted to try it for myself to see if something at such a low price was a decent product or not. I can confirm that it is a very decent product for how little it costs, I used to always, and still do from time to time, use the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation (£14.00) but ever since I discovered The Ordinary and their products, I have not looked back! As they are a skincare brand primarily, all of their products, including their foundations are great on your skin. The Coverage Foundation does exactly that, I would say it’s more of a medium coverage foundation, but it is definitely buildable if you want a more full coverage look. The best part about this foundation…it’s so lightweight on your skin, so even though it gives great coverage, it doesn’t feel as though you are wearing 10 layers. coverage

The next product used in this look, is my holy grail of concealers, Tarte Shape Tape (£28.02) of course, and yes, it is cruelty-free if you can believe it! I use the shade Light Sand, and I applied this to the areas of my face that need brightening, or areas that need a little more coverage than was granted by my foundation, and as a primer on my eyelids. Now, I know this concealer is a little pricey, I bought mine whilst I was in America so it worked out a tiny bit cheaper. However, I have yet to try the product myself, but I have read that the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer (£4.00) is a great dupe, also cruelty-free, and as you can see, it is rather a lot cheaper! I will definitely be checking that product out next.corretivo-tarte-concealer-shape-tape-D_NQ_NP_796089-MLB26075467931_092017-F

To set the areas where I applied my concealer, I used the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder (Travel Size £10.00) in the shade Translucent Light. I really like this setting powder because even though it is a translucent powder, it has a little pigment to it so it doesn’t give you any flashback, and you know ya girl doesn’t wanna be looking like a ghost in photos…been there done that!Perfect_Setting_Powder_Light_4g_2000x600

On to the eyes, for this step, I used my Soph x Makeup Revolution Palette (£10.00) to create this look. First, I took the shade ‘Cuppa Tea’ and blended it throughout my crease as my transition shade. Next, I took the shade ‘Peaches’ and using the same blending brush, applied this over the top of my transition shade and proceeded to blend it throughout my crease. Then, to deepen my crease (how many times can you say the word crease in a makeup tutorial…) I applied the shade ‘Tiramisu’ to the outer corner of my eye and through my crease to add some subtle depth to this eye look. Naturally, you need to add a little sparkle to your eyes, so after spraying my flat eyeshadow brush, I applied the shade ‘Pink Champagne’ all over my lid, and then went back in with my blending brush and just blended out where the shimmer and crease shadows meet for a softer look. Next, I took the shade ‘Fairy Lights’ to brighten my inner corner, and finally, I went back into the shade ‘Peaches’ and applied this to my lower lash line to open up my eyes a smidge. This palette is definitely a 10/10 recommend, there are so many different shade combinations to create several different looks, and the formula for these eyeshadows are so blendable, well done Soph!! To finish the eye look, I took the PS Eyeconic Mascara (£2.00) and applied this all over my eyelashes, after curling them of course!

                         image1 (8)eyeconic

Back to the base. In order to warm up my face and give me some cheekbones, or at least the illusion of such, I took my E.L.F. Bronzer Palette (£7.50) and applied the shade shown below (the one with the stars…) in a figure of 3 motion down both sides of my face. This is another formula that is very blendable, and also very buildable, so whether you like a soft contour, or a super chiselled cheekbone, this palette is for you! And at £7.50 for 4 different shades, this palette is so so affordable!image3 (2)

Next, I took my PS Pure Glow Highlighter Palette (£5.00) and applied the shade ‘Glimmer’ (shown below) along my cheekbones, eyebrow bones, Cupid’s bow, and the tip of my nose. This palette will have you glowing to the Gawwwwwds, and it’s only £5.00!! These 4 shades are so great for people of all skin tones, and they aren’t too heavy either, yet still give you the perfect glow…10/10 recommend!image2 (6)

Finally, to complete this cruelty-free look, I took my NYX Intense Butter Gloss (£6.00) in the shade ‘Tres Leches’ and applied this to my lips. This colour is such a nice nudey pink shade, great for an everyday look, and I thought it complimented the pink hues in my eye makeup perfectly! NYX’s butter glosses are so hydrating and creamy, I can’t wait to buy one in every single shade!


Down below we have a comparison from start to finish (sorry kids if the first image scares you at all, it scares me too…)


I hope you enjoyed this Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial, and if ya want more holla at yo girl in the comments below!



13 thoughts on “Full Face of Cruelty Free Makeup

  1. It’s crazy how many brands are cruelty-free, and how easy it can be to make the switch. A lot of tarte products are vegan, too, fyi! The Ordinary sounds like a cool brand… Here’s hoping it’s sold in Canada! I’ve been looking for a new bronzer, so maybe I’ll check out the E.L.F. one…

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  2. I feel so bad for even saying this but I decluttered my Elf palette😶😂 I found it to be chalky on my skin, but it could be because I have dry skin🤷🏽‍♀️ Going through my collection I believe 90% of my collection was cruelty free from the get-go since I always (unknowingly) purchased from cruelty free brands! Great post by the way😉


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