It’s a Doggie Dog World

Hi, Hello everyone, I know I suck at this whole blog thing, but between spending time with friends and not feeling too well my blog has fallen on the back burner…but wait no more because your girl is back!

So, as you may or may not be able to tell from the title of this post, I am going to be talking about the newest member of my family…our new rescue dog Tank! Let’s rewind to late November 2017, I had just gotten home from my trip to America, and was welcomed home with some very sad news, our adorable little Jack Russell, Louie had passed away. This was super hard for me because as I was away, I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, but I know that he is in a much better place now, so that gives me some comfort.

After Christmas rolled around, my family and I knew we wanted to get another dog, and we decided we wanted to rescue another dog, as Louie was also a rescue dog. We spent a couple of weeks refreshing the websites of a few rescue centres around us, and that’s when my little man Tank popped up on my screen! I feel in love just looking at his photo, I mean how can you not, but I got straight on the phone to let the RSPCA know that we were interested in rehoming him! Tank is a Patterdale Cross, and he just has so much character, as do all terriers. The following Friday I went to visit him and see what he was like, and I just fell in love again, he was a little preoccupied with all the different smells, but he is a dog so that’s to be expected. My mum and Iย went back on Sunday so she could meet him, and it was a unanimous yes from both of us, and a week later he came back with us to his forever home!

image3 (1)

Now, the RSPCA didn’t know much about his background, they estimated he was around 2 years old, and because he has a lot of scarring on his chin and mouth, they suspected that he was used as a hunting dog. This I can’t quite wrap my head around because he is the most laidback and affectionate dog I have ever come across, I mean he is curled up beside me on my bed as I write this! We also introduced him to my Brother’s dog Brody, and he wasn’t aggressive in the slightest, they get on a little too well some might say…

image1 (4)

I know there’s a lot of debate around Adopt Don’t Shop, and as a person that has experienced both sides, and loves all dogs regardless, I can see the Pros and Cons of both sides. I definitely believe people get so wrapped up in the cuteness of buying a puppy, and obviously, if you’re looking for a particular breed the chances of finding one at a rescue centre is very slim, having said that so many people are so concerned with having a cute little puppy, they don’t understand the work and patience that goes into it, and that’s why so many dogs end up in rescue homes. So please please please think long and hard before you buy that cute puppy you’ve seen for sale because dogs are for life, not just a special occasion.

Anyways, I am super happy and in love with my new baby Tank, and just as in love as ever with my other baby Brody! Dogs honestly warm my heart, and I can’t wait to have a whole dog family of my own one day.


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