Getting My Fitness Groove Back

Don’t worry everyone! Your girl is still alive and kicking, just slacking on the blog front I know!

So let’s start with a little storytime…

A couple weeks back I gathered the strength to go to this new gym that I had had my eyes on. I’ve been looking for a new gym ever since I got back from America, as the one I was originally training at did not have much of a weight section, and by much I mean a few machines, and a tiny free weight section in the corner. So I had just finished work, and I was like “You know what lets go sign up to this new gym!” as it is just down the road from work. So I park the car, and this is where my anxiety kicks in…I’m walking around the car park trying to figure out where the entrance to the gym was…yes you read that right, THE ENTRANCE…  THEN, in my stressed out state, I get back into my car and try and give myself a pep talk, even saying to myself “Kirstie, you’re going to be 23 in a week, I think you can walk into a gym and sign up by yourself…” Oh, but how wrong I was. Then I proceed to drive away, and after about 2 minutes, I turn the car around and drive back, sitting in my car for a further 10 minutes, before chickening out and driving home for real this time.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and scaredy cat Kirstie did a good thing by not walking into the gym that day, as (you’ll never believe it, I mean what are the odds?!) I had actually won a month’s free membership!! So like the world definitely works in mysterious ways! So, moral of the story is, ya need to pull yourself dafuq together and get your ass into the gym no matter how scared you are, BUT if you’ve entered a competition to win a month’s free membership then maybe give it a little while and see if you’ve won!

Yesterday was my first real workout since October, and it’s safe to say I woke up this morning ACHing!! I trained shoulders and back and I could barely get myself dressed this morning, but that’s how you know it’s working right?! Don’t get me wrong, the gym anxiety was REAL, but once you get going and you get into the groove you almost don’t remember there are other people in the gym with you, and if you’re smashing your workout you feel so much better about yourself! I had honestly forgotten how much I enjoyed working out, and how good it makes me feel not only physically (after the first few days lol), but also mentally.

Not only am I getting back into my fitness groove, but I have also tried to stick to a mostly plant-based/vegetarian diet, which is hard because I love eggs and cheese so much, BUT I’ve seen a few vegan cheese options that I’m excited to try, so I’ll definitely let you know how that goes!

I can’t wait to update you guys on my fitness journey, let’s hope it lasts longer than a couple of months this time, but I’m not going on a long trip anytime soon (sad I know!)


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