35 Has Never Felt/Looked So Good (jk I Actually Turned 23)

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, I was off celebrating my birthday this past weekend, and since then I have been unwell with the flu!!

ANYWAYS, you’re probably wondering about the title of this blog, well let me fill you in a little bit about how I spent my birthday weekend. So, Friday afternoon me and my friend head up to Birmingham, almost 3 hours on the motorway blasting some tunes, singing at the top of our lungs (ain’t road trips fun?!) We arrive at my friends house, where her and her boyf are making a delish veggie curry, ughh it was divine! Then, after we’d all finished eating our dinner, my friend brings out a giant birthday badge, which, as you would expect, says “Happy 23rd Birthday!” However, this badge comes with stickers, so you can really be any age you like, of course, my friends being as hilarious as they are, decide they’re actually going to change the age, but I’m not allowed to know what age they’ve chosen until we leave for da club. Now, fast forward a couple hours, after doing my makeup, glowing up and such, as well as getting lit at pres, my friends wack the badge back out, I’m thinking they went for something ridiculous like 50 or something, but no no, they went for 35, so it could possibly, slightly, be plausible. So, we jump in the Uber to head into town, and we’re queuing up to get into Snobs (wow Birmingham…wow) and this girl taps me on the shoulder and goes “THERE IS NO WAY YOU’RE 35!!” at this point my friend is cracking up, and I, of course, go along with it, but she doesn’t believe me! Anyways, for the rest of the night, I had several people tell me I looked good for my age, and didn’t believe that I was 35, the bouncer was definitely confused when he checked my iD! So, the moral of this story is, if you want to receive compliments all night, where a badge that says you’re 10+ years older than you are, and you’ll feel so good about yourself, it’s definitely a confidence boost, and who doesn’t love to be complimented! image1 (1)

That was my Friday night, Saturday went a little differently, with me and my friends not getting up until around noon (we were hungover what did you expect?!) I made everyone breakfast, and it was very yummy if I do say so myself! We lounged around for the rest of the day, laughing about the previous night, or what we could remember of it, before putting on Black Mirror. I had never seen an episode of it before, but a few of my friends said it was really good, so we sat down and watched a couple of episodes, both of which were extremely disturbing, but they assured me that not all episodes were as stressful as the ones we had watched, but I would highly recommend them to everyone, all 4 Seasons are on Netflix, so if you need a new Netflix show to chill too (Disclaimer: some episodes will not make you feel “chill” in the slightest!) then check it out! After this, we all cleaned ourselves up and decided on where to go for food that night, my two friends that live in Birmingham highly recommended a Syrian restaurant, Damascena, and I have to say, the food there was incredible, the pricing amazing, and the portions were ideal! Safe to say we had more than enough houmous and falafel to spare! So if you live in Birmingham then I highly recommend a visit to this restaurant if you’re a bit of a foodie! After we roll ourselves back to my friend’s place (or at least it felt like that after the amount of food we all ate!) we chill out a little more, before playing some card games, a wild Saturday night I know! So there we are playing a few games of cards, Cheat, Spoons, and then we move on to Irish Snap, boy was that a mistake… Why? You ask? Well, we started playing Irish Snap around 11pm, and then around 12.30am, we decided to make the rule that, if the game wasn’t finished by 1am, then whoever had the most amount of cards loses, and has to make breakfast the next day, and yes that rule had to be enforced…we played Irish Snap for 2 hours….2 HOURS!!

image2 (2)

Sunday January 14th, It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, I’ma spend my moneyyyy! So Sunday’s plan was to wake up, have breakfast, head to IKEA (yes I wanted to spend my birthday at IKEA, what’s good?!) and then go and play the Escape Room that we had booked at 1pm. Now, is it no surprise that things didn’t go to plan?? No, because it took us 2 hours to play a card game, so does it look like things go smoothly for me and my friends…absolutely not! So everyone’s up and showering, the loser of the card game was lounging around complaining that breakfast hadn’t been made yet (when he was supposed to be making it, smh) We’d decided to leave for IKEA at 10.45am, yet here we were at 11.15am still getting ready, so we decided to leave IKEA until after the Escape Room. Instead, we made breakfast and danced around to Stevie Wonder singing me Happy Birthday, what a ledge! So the plan was to leave at 12.30pm as the Escape Room was a 20 minute drive away, giving us 10 minutes to park and find the place. 12.35pm rolls around and we finally leave…drive for 10 minutes trying to find parking, and then proceed to walk the opposite direction to another Escape Room, to which my friend ecstatically rejoices as we are now 7 minutes late, BUT alas, it is the wrong Escape Room, and we have to walk back 5 minutes in the direction we came to find the correct one! Luckily for us, we still got our allotted 60 minutes to complete the room. Now, I had never done an Escape Room before, but it was so so much fun, we did it a little differently as ours was a VR room, which was hilarious, as we couldn’t see each other, but we could hear everyone over the microphones in the headsets! We completed the room in 39 minutes (absolutely smashed it, I know!) then we head to IKEA, as Lizzie McGuire would say This is what dreams are made of!! We mainly went for the meatballs, which I have to say were superb, and the prices were ridiculously cheap, £4.95 for 15 meatballs and mashed potatoes…like whaaaat?! Then I dragged my friends around whilst I picked out the new furniture for my bedroom (coming soon once my older brother moves out, and my younger brother moves his crap out of my room!!) which I am super excited about! However, getting the desk into my tiny little Ford Fiesta, with 3 friends in the back seat was a TASK, but it did fit, just about, and it made it all the way back to Somerset in one piece, or at least I hope it did, I have yet to open the box!

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday, filled with lots of ugly laughter, wonderful memories, and amazing presents!! Like I said, 35 has never felt/looked so good!

Thanks for reading xo

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