You Know I’m All About That Base

Today’s post is for the beauty lovers amongst you, so if that’s not ya thang (yes I did just say thang) then you might want to exit the page now.

If you’re still here then let’s get into it…

About a year ago I started to get more and more interested in makeup, I had always worn makeup, but usually just some concealer, powder and mascara (I know you’re probably thinking, wow how did she spend so long looking like an egg, believe me, I still do, just a more glowy egg nowadays.) Anyway, as I got more interested in makeup, applying more products to my face than I ever had before, I neglected to take care of my skin, the base to my makeup.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would remove my makeup every day with a makeup wipe, and occasionally used a face wash whilst in the shower, but recently, after seeing Youtuber Liv Guy using the Superdrug Vitamin E skincare range in one of her videos, I thought I would give it a go for myself.

Honestly, I have never seen such an improvement in my skin as I have done with these products, they are so kind and gentle on the skin, and as I have relatively dry skin, they give my skin the moisture it so desperately needs, and they also smell INCREDIBLE which is a major plus. I also try to increase my water intake in order to provide my skin with more hydration #hydrationnation, but I will never be going back to using a single makeup wipe and some moisturiser again.

I can’t express how key it is to take good care of your skin, not only do you feel better about yourself, but I can honestly say  that it has improved not only the duration of which my makeup stays on my skin, but also how much more flawless it looks, no powder stuck to my dry patches (because I no longer have any), and even coverage. My number one recommendation with getting started with makeup is make sure you take care of your base, and the rest will follow suit.


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